Moving towards ending ‘period poverty’ with Smartpad

Menstruation is a biological process, a body expulsion exclusive to women. Management of this process of bleeding is a very crucial factor in a women’s life as she will experience around 400 periods in her life. However, menstrual options for women are few. In scenarios where resources are low, menstruation is poorly managed by the use of inappropriate absorbing materials. Studies point to incidences of reproductive tract infections owing to poor menstrual options, poor facilities, superstitions and beliefs. Studies point to 70% increase in reproductive related infection due to poor management during menstruation. Read More

Five charitable organisations empowering local women in India
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The Radio Festival 2020
Breaking the barriers of languages- symbols,sounds & gestures have been a part of human communication from time immemorable. Read More
Digital transformation: how civil society organisations are improving social impact
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Educational intervention heralds a new era of girls’ empowerment in Rajasthan
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Enabling equal access, equal rights
Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) supported by US India Policy Institute (USIPI) has set up eight community information resource. Most of these places do not even have a motorable road or direct transport. But the coordinators of these digital centers with the help of their laptops and internet ensure access to information to them. One of the centers in Muzaffarnager in Tavli panchayat region was recently inaugurated. The center coordinator, Abdullah and his team went through a rigorous two days training under the guidance of Shallu who is looking after all the pillars of the digital center. Read More
Promoting women’s economic empowerment through digital literacy
A 54 year old woman, Malliga is from Kadambadi village of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. Nagapattinam is one the most backward districts which was also the worst affected during the 2004 Tsunami. As part of Helpage India’s Elder Self-Help Group, Malliga attended Training of Trainers and learnt how to use the computer. While undergoing this training, she picked up skills like tailoring and embroidery through YouTube videos which helped in becoming financially independent after her husband’s demise. Now, she organises orientations for over 50 members of the ESHG and actively engages in imparting digital literacy at DEF’s center.
Realising her dreams through access to digital world
Sonu lives in Gazipur, infamous for its growing landfill. The area is largely a community of rag pickers who despite living in the Capital city, lack basic documentation and access to information. Sonu aspires to be a teacher and wants to run a digital center to bridge this gap. Although a school dropout due to financial difficulties, she teaches kids of kindergarten to class 7th. At the digital center established by DEF with support from UWD, she is now able to learn computer which helped in making notes and planning her lessons.
Creating space for women to take up sciences
STEM for Girls (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is an initiative of IBM, supported by QUEST Alliance and DEF. A school based programme, it is focused on life skills, career guidance, digital literacy and coding skills. School Facilitators are actively participating in events to achieve the goals of the project. They also conducted an interactive session with the parents to encourage them to contribute towards the development of the girls. Parents shared their experiences for the betterment of their child’s future. The aim was to sensitise parents towards their children’s future and create awareness about importance of schools.
GOAL knows no age
Navti, a 42-year-old mentee from Village Sawroli of Palgarh District, Maharashtra, has been supporting her family financially since the age of 10. She started as a next-door babysitter and earned bare minimum wages. But soon her capabilities and integrity attracted bigger opportunities and she moved to Mumbai to be an in-house babysitter. She travelled internationally but missed her family, village and warli a lot. She has always had an interest in warli art which is famous in Palghar and had worked on many small projects to promote the same, but was unable to earn a decent livelihood. Read More
Internet Saathi to the rescue..!
Agomani Pal is a respected and well-informed woman in Agna village, West Bengal. She always wanted to contribute to the betterment of the society. Internet Saathi gave her just the opportunity. She came across a video that inspired her to work towards digital empowerment and creating a women inclusive society. She started watching videos on various subjects ranging from health, education, finance to self-defense. She formed a group of women from four nearby villages who together started organising interactive sessions. Probably the first in her community, now she plans to start self-defense classes for women through Youtube videos.
Soochnapreneur ensures quality maternal healthcare
Mohini, a resident of Saidanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is a housewife. Due to her husband’s busy schedule she was unable to get regular checkups during her pregnancy. Pooja Devi, one of the DEF’s Soochnapreneurs, with her smartphone and internet met her and the first thing she did was to link her to the maternity benefit program me - Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana. It is a conditional cash transfer scheme for pregnant and lactating women of 19 years of age or above for the first live birth. Read More
Enhancing digital skills of women entrepreneurs
DEF with Udhyam Learning Foundation conducted training on Digital Skill Building of Nano and Small women Entrepreneurs in Bengaluru. The aim was to enhance digital skills like effective use of smartphone apps; digital marketing and inventory management of urban and semi-urban entrepreneurs to enable them to connect with the digital world and to augment her earnings by leveraging the positivity of digital connect. Through hands-on training and activities they were encouraged to access the information as per their need. This will not only enable them to take an informed decision about livelihood but also help advertise products and expand clientele.
Women’s labour as disguised employment in informal sector
As a part of our ongoing research on empowering rural communities digitally, the research department of Digital Empowerment Foundation produced two reports on Understanding Agriculture and ICT Practices in India and Enhancing Livelihood of Artisans and Weavers in Knowledge Economy in the month of February 2020. Both the reports have tried to shed light on the agricultural practices, marketing strategies of weavers and artisans and the usage of ICT skills by farmers as well as artisans and weavers. Read More

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Digitally Enhancing Livelihood Opportunities for Women

Elders for Digital Inclusion
Dr. Amita Joseph
Business & Community Foundation (BCF)
It is high time that no one is left behind, in the current interconnected world, we have to help the elderly to learn and reap the benefits of the digital era. In India, there are 106 million elderly of which 98 % of them do not use mobile phones or mobile phones or internet. Even Government of India has not included then in the new Digital India program. We are starting to believe that discrimination on the basis of age is becoming a common practice in India and now also extends to the digital world. Read More
Digital Rights Foundation

Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) is working to create a pool of resources to help women netizens remain safe and secure online. They launched Hamara Internet (Our Internet) campaign to encourage use of Internet among women in Pakistan by teaching them how to protect their online rights. The initiative was selected as a Winner for Digital Empowerment Foundation’s 6th eNGO Challenge Awards under the Enablement and Empowerment category. Cyber harassment and online violence is at an all-time high in Pakistan and the initiative especially focuses on why it’s important to not only be aware... Read More

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